Sometimes I Have Off-Days (& that’s okay)

Vulnerable confession time: sometimes I still struggle with my mental health when my life is going exceptionally well. I am a successful and confident young woman pursuing my Master’s degree. I have a fiancé who treats me like a queen. My body feels better than it has in ages because I dropped over 18 pounds in the last few months. I should be on top of the world right? For the most part yes, I am. Over the past few days, however, I struggled to hold it all together. This is what depression looks like, people. I wish I had a dollar for every person who told me that I don’t look depressed. Or for those who told me that I have nothing to be depressed about. You’re absolutely right: depression doesn’t have to be situational. It comes and goes. You can have the most incredible, exceptional, extraordinary life and it will still be there. This does not make me weaker than anyone else. Also, I’m NOT faking it just because you can’t see my depression as much as you may see others.

My advice to you is to consider the invisible struggles of others. Know that mental illness is very real and must be accepted and perceived the same way that we look at physical illness. I am not insane. I am a fully functioning human being who sometimes has off days. And that is completely okay. If you have clinical depression or anxiety (or any mental illness), know that you are capable and strong. This illness doesn’t define you. I am competent, confident, and live a pretty extraordinary life.  I will never let anyone tell me otherwise.


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